5 Causes of a Slow Drying Cycle
August 17, 2016

Fires are not something you experience every day, but they are more common in the kitchen then you would think. Don’t be a victim to oven fires; follow these valuable tips and remove any fire hazards in your kitchen!

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Tips for Preventing Oven Fires

Forgetfulness: It’s never a good idea to leave something in the oven without keeping a close eye on it. Many fires start when somebody leaves to finish another task, and they end up forgetting about what’s in the oven completely. A good way to keep yourself on track is by setting reminders such as notifications on your phone or a timer.

Cleanliness: A buildup of grease and other leftover foods can cause fires in your oven if you are not frequently cleaning your oven after every use. Cleaning is especially important if food has spilled or boiled over inside of your oven. Even outside debris such as dust can cause a blaze so be sure to clean your oven after not using it for long periods of time. Be sure to use appropriate cleaning materials that will not harm you if consumed and will not react to extreme temperatures. You can clean your oven naturally with a bowl of half a cup of baking soda with a few teaspoons of water.

Improper Use: An oven should only be used for cooking. It shouldn’t be used for storage for drying anything combustible. Not only does this put a huge strain on your oven, but It’s also hugely inefficient and a waste of energy. Additionally, only use cookware that is appropriate for the oven.

Malfunctions: More common in older or ovens that aren’t properly maintained, fires can start due to technical malfunctions. Should your see sparks or your oven isn’t working properly your oven should be turned off immediately. If you smell gas, call your utility company as this hints at a gas leak around your oven.

If a fire happens:

  • Never open the oven door as the flames can potentially spread to you or outside your oven
  • Turn off the heat
  • Use a fire extinguisher if the fire spreads outside the oven
  • Exit the house and call the fire department
  • After the fire, have a repair technician evaluate your oven in case it needs to be repaired or replaced

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