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When you are hosting a big party for family and friends, your oven is your best friend. All of a sudden your oven stops working and you’re stuck entertaining with cold, raw foods. Nobody wants to experience this. You can prevent this type of issue by periodically conducting easy tests on your oven. If you need an oven repair in Ancaster or surrounding areas, call Hamilton Appliance Repair for a same-day repair.

Regular Use

If you don’t use your oven that often, but want to make sure it won’t give you any issues during your party, run a few tests on your oven just by using it a few times.  Test it on different heat settings, test bake and broil, etc. By doing this, you allow for enough time to notice if there are any issues with your oven and you can have it replaced or repaired on time.

Maintain the Cleanliness

This tip is applicable to all appliances but maintaining the cleanliness of your oven can help prolong its lifespan and efficiency. Using a simple water and baking soda solution is a great method to use when cleaning your oven. It’s gentle and effective as it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals.

Make sure your oven is cooled down completely before cleaning, then take out all the racks from your oven.

In a small bowl, mix together ½ cup of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of water. Spread it all over the interior surface, avoiding the heating elements. As you rub in the baking soda, it will turn into a brown colour but that is fine. Allow for the baking soda mixture to sit overnight or at least for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, use a damp cloth to wipe away the baking soda mixture. If there are areas where you could not remove the baking soda paste, spray vinegar onto the area. The vinegar will turn the baking soda paste into a foamy texture, making it easier for you to remove.

Afterwards, gently wipe down the entire unit with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue. To clean the exterior of the oven, spray with vinegar as needed. Doing this cleaning remedy every once in a while can help maintain the overall cleanliness of your oven.

Avoid the Self-Clean Feature

Avoid using the self-clean feature when you are nearing the day of your party. There have been many accounts where the oven experienced ‘electrical component failure’ after running a self-clean. If you do, by chance run the self-cleaning feature, make sure to follow the directions in the manufacturer’s guide.

The oven gets extremely hot during a self-cleaning process, so it is advised that you are in the house during the process. Make sure to open the doors and windows to allow the steam and smell to air out. Rather than just using the time consuming, self-clean feature, it is recommended that you clean your oven regularly. Simply wiping it down, disinfecting and removing left behind burnt foods is a great way to keep it clean and efficient.

Check The Temperature

The easiest way to check if the temperature of your oven is working correctly is by using a thermometer and testing different temperatures. If you don’t own an oven thermometer, baking a cake is also another easy way to determine if the temperature is the source of the issue.

Baking a cake using store-bought cake mix is an inexpensive and foolproof way to conduct a temperature test. Follow the exact instructions when baking the cake. If the finished result of your cake is dry or undercooked, there is a chance that the temperature is not definite and the problem is within the bake or broil heating element.

Check the Burners – In & Out

When you’re using the oven, inspect the coil burner. If there’s a spot on your coil burner that is redder than the rest, it is a sign that it’s about to burn out. To prevent any big disasters from occurring, avoid using that coil and have it replaced immediately.

If you notice a smoky smell when your oven is in use, it is probably because food has fallen or dripped onto the burner and continues to burn each time you use the oven. To avoid getting food stuck on the burners, use a spill barrier that can catch any leaks, spills or food that may have made it’s way there.

An easy method to create a spill barrier is by placing a cookie sheet covered with tinfoil under the oven racks, making sure you’re not covering any vents. 

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