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May 13, 2016
Dishwasher Repair & Maintenance Tips From Experienced Technicians in Hamilton
May 25, 2016

Is your oven starting to smell? Or smoke whenever your turn it on?

If yes, then it might be time to clean it. Keeping your oven clean not only makes it look better, but it actually helps it perform better as well. Plus, it reduces the risk of it breaking down.

Keeping your oven clean is not the only thing you have to do to ensure your oven lasts longer. Over time, your oven is bound to run into an issue here or there. Instead of ignoring it, or dealing with it later, call for a repair right away.

Leaving it will only give it time to get worse, which can turn a small, affordable repair into a big, expensive repair or even a complete oven replacement. Do yourself and your wallet a favour and call Hamilton Appliance Repair at the first signs of damage. We offer quick and efficient service the same day you call!

Oven Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting problems with your oven can sometimes be difficult, especially if it’s an internal problem but other signs are more obvious. If your food is starting to taste funny, or there is a strange smell in your oven, that’s a sign to start paying attention. There could be spills and other food debris accumulating on the bottom of your oven; as it burns it will start to change how your food taste and smells. A little bit won’t be noticeable, but if you start tasting the difference, it’s time to clean your oven.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

You don’t have to clean your oven every day, or even every week, but you should set up a schedule so you know when it needs to be cleaned. Keeping your oven clean not only helps it cook better, it will keep it lasting years longer. You’d be surprised by how much damage a little food debris can do, especially when left uncleaned for a long time. Try and clean your oven once a month, or the very least a couple of times a year.

The easiest way to keep your oven clean is to clean up spills or food crumbs right away. Just be sure to wait until your oven has completely cooled before sticking your hands in there! If you keep on top of spills and food debris, when you go to give your oven a good scrub it’ll be a lot easier and quicker.

When you go to wash the inside of your oven, again, make sure that it has completely cooled down before you start cleaning to avoid getting burned. Start by removing the oven racks and placing them in a sink filled with warm, soapy water. You can start scrubbing right away, or you can leave them to soak if they have a lot of caked on grime. Once they are cleaned, set them aside to dry.

While your racks are drying off, take a cloth damped with warm water and cleaning detergent and wipe down the interior of your fridge. You can use an unused toothbrush to get into hard to reach corners, or to break down tough spots. Once the inside is cleaned, take a cloth dampened with just water and clean out any leftover soap. If you wish you can take a dry cloth and dry the interior. Once everything is clean, replace the racks and you are finished. Easy, right?

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