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May 18, 2016
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June 10, 2016

Your dishwasher is a modern convenience that makes keeping your kitchen clean and tidy so much easier. Instead of washing every single cup, plate, spoon and whatever else you have in your kitchen by hand, you just slip them into your dishwasher and it does the hard work for you. But, like any appliance, your dishwasher is likely to run into some bumps along the way. You don’t have to worry, because we’re here to share some easy maintenance tips and tricks to keeping your dishwasher working its best, longer.

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Common Dishwasher Problems

There are a couple of common problems that all dishwasher, no matter the age, brand or model, tend to run into every now and again. These include the dishwasher is not draining or filling with water, leaking water, strange noises while in use, the dishwasher not releasing detergent, the dishwasher not cleaning the dishes properly, or the dishwasher is not turning on entirely. Of course, these are just a couple of common problems, so if we didn’t mention your problem, don’t panic! We have years of experience fixing a myriad of dishwasher problems.   

Dishwasher Maintenance and Care

While some problems aren’t always avoidable, there are a couple of things you can do to keep your dishwasher working without a repair longer. If say, your dishwasher isn’t cleaning your dishes, it might be because you aren’t loading your dishwasher properly; your dishes need space for the water to hit them to get clean, and if they’re blocking each other, that’s not going to happen. Try readjusting and see if that helps.

If your dishwasher has a nasty smell after a cycle, it could be a sign that there is food debris stuck inside your dishwasher and rotting. Try washing the inside of your dryer and removing grime. If your dishes aren’t drying properly, take a look at the heating component to make sure it’s on the right settings.

If your dishwasher is not filling with water, draining water, or turning on, then that’s a sign there is an internal problem and you should call a technician for a repair.

Other Tips and Tricks

There are a couple of other things you can do to keep your dishwasher working longer to avoid repairs. If you notice food constantly getting left inside your dishwasher, or a gross odor even after you cleaned the inside, try running a cup of vinegar through an empty cycle. This will break down food particles and get rid of the odor, plus when vinegar dries the smell neutralizes. You can also let baking soda sit on the bottom of your dishwasher for a few hours, and then run a cycle to freshen it up. And again, if your dishes aren’t getting cleaned, try readjusting the way they are placed inside, and be sure to give them a quick rinse before putting them in to get rid of large food debris.

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