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July 25, 2016
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Is your dryer not performing up to standards? It is likely that there is something broken in your dryer that is causing the issue. Proper maintenance can help you extend the lifespan and overall efficiency of your dryer, preventing it from needing a repair.

The team at Hamilton Appliance Repair has put together 7 maintenance tips you can incorporate into your routine to prevent your dryer from requiring a dryer repair. If you’re in need of a dryer repair in Ancaster, Hamilton Appliance Repair can help!

Do not overload your dryer: It is important to avoid overloading your dryer as it can prevent your dryer from spinning properly. Hot air is distributed into the appliance to dry the clothing but if there is too much clothing in the dryer, the air will not be able to properly circulate around the dryer, which results in a poor drying job.

Periodically clean the lint filter: The lint that is built up in the lint filter can pose as a fire hazard. When the lint filter is clogged, the lint get pushed through the small gaps around the edges of the drum and into the dryer. If the lint is sparked by gas burners or electric heating elements, it can cause a fire.

To clean the lint filter, simply remove it from the dryer, wash it under water, ensuring that all the lint has been removed and leave it dry completely before placing it back.

Clean the inside of dryer: It is recommended to clean your dryer every month or so as there can be excess residue built up inside. To clean the interior of your dryer, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth, and then go over it with a dry cloth. Eliminating the excess residue can prevent any dirt from previous loads from transferring onto your clothing.

Vacuum the exterior vent: You want to make sure that there is enough space between your dryer and the wall. Although the lint filter is supposed to catch the lint, there are chances that it may have seeped through and made its way to the exterior vent. It the exterior vent is blocked, it debilitates the overall performance of the dryer.

Clean behind the dryer: After a certain period of use, there will be lint and debris built up at the back of your dryer. To prevent the debris from blocking the vents of the dryer, which can pose a fire safety hazard, it is recommended that you frequently clean the area.

Monitor the performance: You can judge the performance of your dryer by listening to the sounds it produces. You can hear the difference between a dryer that is fully functional and one that is malfunctioning. You can also determine the performance of your dryer by how effectively it is able to dry your clothing. If your clothing is still damp after a full cycle, it is a sign that your lint filter is blocked or there is broken component in your dryer.

Is your issue experiencing an issue that you can’t diagnose? Give Hamilton Appliance Repair a call at 1-888-975-0179 for a dryer repair in Ancaster today!