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White Open Fridge with a many products

It’s easy to forget about the objects we have lying around in our fridge until they start to produce foul odors. This does not only apply to food that has gone bad, as even fresh food can produce unpleasant smells. The smell will remain even after you’ve removed the cause.

Here are a few household items that can be used to clean and freshen up your fridge to prevent and remove unpleasant odors! If you find yourself in need of a repair, call Hamilton Appliance Repairs today for a quick and easy fridge repair in Ancaster!

Baking Soda

Most households will have baking soda lying around in one of their cabinets. Baking soda has many uses. Not only is it used in cooking, it is also a great ingredient for cleaning up the dried up spills and leaks in your fridge. Simply remove the contents from the fridge, shower some baking soda onto a damp sponge or cloth, and scrub at the dried up spills. Afterwards, rinse it with a clean, wet cloth or sponge. Placing an opened box of baking soda in your fridge can help fight strong odors as it absorbs the foul odors, maintaining a fresh scent in your fridge.

Cotton Balls + Vanilla Extract

Another item that is likely lying around your house are cotton balls. If you dampen a cotton ball with vanilla extract, and leave it in a bowl on a shelf in the fridge, you will notice that it produces a pleasant scent in the fridge. It is advised to clean your fridge beforehand as the vanilla extract does not eliminate the odor.

Tomato Juice

Any foul odours caused by spoiled foods are hard to get rid of. Tomato juice is a great remedy to remove any unpleasant spoiled food odors. Remove the food that has cause the nasty odor and use undiluted tomato juice to wipe down the interior of the fridge. Finish by using warm, soapy water to rinse and wipe dry. If the tomato juice was unable to get rid of the smell, then use a stronger solution, such as vinegar.


Although to many people baking soda is the better known option for cleaning fridges, vinegar is equally as effective. Start off by removing all the contents from your fridge; using the water and vinegar solution with a 1:1 ratio, wash the interior and exterior of your fridge. To prevent mold and mildew from forming, wash the inside walls and bins with just vinegar. Place a box of baking soda in your fridge afterwards to keep a pleasant smelling fridge.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can easily remove any fridge odors. First, remove any products from the fridge that may be causing the odor. This method will take some time, so place them in a cooler or second fridge for the time being so that they don’t go bad. Next, lightly soak a sponge with lemon juice and leave it in the fridge for a few hours. Remove the soaked lemon juice and wipe down your fridge before placing the items back into the fridge.


Take precautions and stop your fridge from producing unpleasant smells! If you think your fridge needs a repair, Hamilton Appliance Repairs does same day fridge repair in Ancaster! Call today at 1-888-975-0179