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If you’re a resident of the greater Hamilton/Niagara area and you’re in need of washer repairs, then give us a call at Hamilton Appliance Repair!

We offer quotes upfront, same-day repair services, and a customer satisfaction guarantee!

And, both because we believe in providing first-class customer service and because we understand the inconvenience of having a broken appliance sitting in your home, we’re available by phone right around the clock, including on weekends and holidays!

Our technicians here at Hamilton Appliance Repair are certified professionals, and they carry our first-class customer service mantra with them wherever they go. Book an appointment with us, and expect service with a smile and quick, efficient repairs!

If you’re looking for washer repairs, give us a call at Hamilton Appliance Repair today at 289-426-3111 and we’ll send a technician your way right away!

Common washer problems:


  • Machine is clogged
  • Washer is leaking
  • Water doesn’t drain out
  • Cycles aren’t completing

Common washer problems like the ones listed above are common in our line of work, but they’re hardly the only problems we see in washers. Washer problems vary, but our results remain the same! We’ll fix your washer regardless of what’s wrong with it, so fear not, residents of the greater Hamilton/Niagara area! Hamilton Appliance Repair is here for you!

If it appears that your washer is worse off than you first thought, and replacement parts are the only way we’re going to get it up and running again, we’ve got you covered there too. We’ve outfitted our technicians with the latest in technology so that they can quickly diagnose the problem with your appliance, and we’ve also stacked our service vans full of parts so that they’re on-hand when our customers need them!

If you need same-day washer repairs and you’re a resident of the greater Hamilton/Niagara area, give us a call at your soonest convenience and we’ll get your appliance back up and running before the day is through!

Brands We Service:


The short answer is, we service them all! That’s right, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a Maytag, GE, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung or any other kind of washer. Our technicians are experts in the appliances they repair themselves, not any specific brands.

Sometimes, though, certain brands are built in unique ways, and require parts. That’s why we carry them with us in our service vans! If it turns out that your washer requires replacement parts, you’re in luck, because we carry them with us everywhere we go!

Why choose Hamilton Appliance Repairs?


Hamilton Appliance Repair is the premier household appliance repair company in the greater Hamilton/Niagara area. We’re available to take your calls right around the clock, and we stand behind our service, that’s why we provide a customer satisfaction guarantee! We also provide quotes upfront, and same-day repair services.

Give us a call at 289-426-3111 if you’re looking for washer repairs in the greater Hamilton/Niagara area!

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