Welland Appliance Repair

welland appliance repair

Hamilton Appliance Repair is proud to extend its service to residents of Welland!

We offer quotes upfront, same-day repairs, and a customer satisfaction guarantee on all Welland appliance repair services!

Our technicians are all professionally trained as well as fully licensed and insured, and they have the chops to show it. With over a century of combined experience shared between them, our technicians at Hamilton Appliance Repair are second to none. That’s what makes us the leading household appliance repair service in the greater Hamilton/Niagara area, and in Welland too!

Give us a call at Hamilton Appliance Repair today if you’re a resident of Welland and you require appliance repairs! Our service vans are strategically located throughout the area, so we can be there at your soonest convenience! Call us at 289-426-3111 and we’ll book you an appointment with one of our technicians right away!

Fridge Repair Services in Welland

Are you a resident of Ancaster with a faulty fridge? We’ll we’ve got your fix here at Hamilton Appliance Repair! Whether your fridge is leaking, or hums, or it just won’t keep your food cold, we’ll fix it for you. Give us a call at Hamilton Appliance Repair if you’re in the Welland area today!

Oven Repair Services in Welland

Malfunctioning ovens are one of the more dangerous household appliances you can have, especially if your oven runs on gas. Gas ovens are a leading cause of household fires across the country, so it’s important to have those units serviced as soon as possible. If you’re looking for oven repairs in the Welland area, give us a call at Hamilton Appliance Repair today!

Stove Repair Services in Welland

Stoves, just like ovens, are a leading cause of household fires in our country. Gas stoves are just as much a danger as gas ovens, so if your stove smells strongly of gas then give us a call today if you’re in the Welland area and we’ll send a technician your way who is an expert in these appliances and who can make a quick fix out of it!

Washer Repair Services in Welland

If you’re a resident of Welland, you can also call us for your washer repairs! Washers that have clogged could ruin your clothes, and washers that are leaking could be the cause of an eventual household flood! Before any of that happens, give us a call at Hamilton Appliance Repair today and we’ll put your washer back in working order!

Dryer Repair Services in Welland

Dryers can be dangerous appliances if they aren’t serviced semi-regularly. Lint collects in the trap, as well as in the exhaust ducts, and this can be the cause of a major household fire. In fact, it’s the cause of up to 15,000 household fires in North America every year alone. If your dryer is in poor shape, give us a call at Hamilton Appliance Repair and we’ll send a technician right over to you!

Dishwasher Repair Services in Welland

We also service dishwashers, residents of Welland! If you require dishwasher repairs and you live in the Welland area, Hamilton Appliance Repair is your best bet for Welland appliance repair services!

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